I'm now accepting a limited number of dedicated students
for private guitar instruction at my home studio in
Washington, PA (North Strabane).

Timeslots are available Monday through Thursday
evening; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning /

Jazz, Blues, Classical technique and theory

Logically structured lesson sequences planned according
to your unique background and musical goals.

Documented consistent record of excellence and
effectiveness in college / university and graduate level
teaching since 1994 (sources: WVU faculty peer reviews;
WVU and W&J student evaluations of faculty).

Beginner through Professional levels. Area guitar
instructors (in need of new ideas?) also welcome!


Jon R. -- January 1, 2012

Scott is a fantastic guitar teacher. I've been doing lessons
with him for about two years now and it has greatly
benefited my playing. He has an incredible amount of
knowledge and experience which he is able to
communicate in an easily understandable manner. His
schedule is flexible and prices are reasonable. If you're
looking for a guitar instructor around Pittsburgh, you
would have a real tough time finding anyone better!

Andy L. -- November 25, 2011

Scott Elliott is a first-class teacher who provides
exemplary private instruction and a profound musical
experience from his home studio.

Within a year, Scott grew my playing and confidence
through goal-setting to fuel my motivation and a practice
schedule with musical materials that propelled my skills
way beyond my expectations. Scott emphasized the
importance of nutrition and fitness which has had a
transcending impact on my life.

The deep attention to detail and dedication to excellence
that Scott provides is what sets him apart from the others.

The learning experience that I receive from Scott has
significantly boosted my command of the instrument and

Scott rocks!

Tony L. -- November 25, 2011

I have taken guitar lessons from Scott Elliott off and on for
38 years. Scott is an excellent teacher. I came away from
each lesson with information and techniques that would
keep me busy for years. I highly recommend Scott as a
teacher of Guitar, I recently took classical lessons from
Scott and it was very intense. Scott pays close attention to
details, from striking the string properly to holding the
instrument and everything that comes after that. He was
always very accomidating with the schedule and was able
to help me immensly. The atmosphere of his teaching
studio was very comfortable and pleasant. I highly
recommend studying with Scott if you are serious about
learning the proper way to play a guitar. I have taken
lessons from several other teachers, but after studying
with Scott, I felt that other teachers were wasting my time,
or that I was showing them different techniques. I really
can't say enough good things about Scott and his guitar
and teaching abilities.

Ray G. -- November 24, 2011

I studied with Scott from December of 2008 until May of
2011 (2 years and 5 months). Scott was able to come
down to my level of ability , thus, I was able to learn more
in a short time, than I had learned from my previous
teacher of 10 months. I will always be appreciative of the
many many aspects of playing jazz that Scott taught me
and I can see the day where I return for even more
learning from this fantastic, highly professional guitar
player and instructor!

James M. -- November 24, 2011

Scott is an amazing musician, and a wonderful teacher.
After a few minutes of our first lesson he was able to
assess my abilities as a player and know exactly how to
start a lesson plan for me. My father who has been playing
the guitar for 40 years also took lessons from Scott, with
equally good results.

George K. -- November 23, 2011

Scott is a music educator that can teach beginning to very
advanced students. His knowledge of the guitar in both
classical and jazz genres is fantastic, along with his
extensive music theory and technical prowess. I would
highly recommend him to anyone at any level looking to
improve their guitar playing.

Jim M. -- November 23, 2011

I'm what Scott calls a "more seasoned" player - lots of
years, lots of gigs, lots of miles. About a year and a half
ago I got tired of listening to myself playing the same old
stuff, and Scott was recommended. His credentials are
obvious, but what impressed me more was his ability to
guage where I needed improvement, and his patience in
guiding me from Step 1 to 2, etc. He has an in-depth
understanding of all kinds of music, which makes it easy
to relate to him player-to-player. If you're a beginner or
just need to brush up on technique or fill in some holes in
your musical knowledge, I highly recommend Scott. The
fact that he's an easy-going, fun guy makes going to the
lesson something to look forward to. And - he has some
absolutley gorgeous guitars!

Christopher R. -- November 23, 2011

I spent one summer taking weekly guitar lessons from
Scott before moving out of town. During that summer with
the help of Professor Elliott, my playing improved at a rate
I would never have expected. Over a year later I am still
working on exercises and concepts that he introduced to
me and I continue to improve. I highly suggest taking
guitar lessons from Scott Elliott or hiring him to perform
at an event. He is incredibly talented with an ax in his
hand, intelligent, and an all around good guy!

Kevin A. -- November 22, 2011

My experience with Scott was worth every penny. His
instruction took me places with the guitar that I could
have never gone on my own. My favorite method he
taught me was drop two voicings, I practice it every time I
pick up the guitar and it makes playing through my
favorite standards great! I would highly recommend
anyone who is even considering taking lessons to contact
Scott Elliot.


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