Tuition is due in full the first lesson of each month, for
the number of lessons to be given that month.

Rates, for a monthly block of lessons, are based upon $40
per hour; $25 per half hour:

“Four-week” months:
$160 for four one-hour lessons
$100 for four ½ hour lessons

“Five-week” months:
$200 for five one-hour lessons
$125 for five ½ hour lessons

Individual lessons (less than the full monthly block, no-
contract) are available
@ $50 per hour; $30 per ½ hour.

Students may not pro-rate monthly tuition payments for
any reason other than the instructor’s cancellation(s).
Checks which are not written for the full and proper
amount cannot be accepted, and instruction will be
withheld; full tuition for the monthly timeslot, including
payment for any lessons withheld will be expected before
instruction can resume. Lessons withheld due to late
payment will not be made up or credited. In the event you
must miss the first lesson of the month, please send your
payment to my home address for delivery before the
second lesson of the month.


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