Lesson and Studio Policies
Professional Guitar Instruction
Prof. Scott Elliott

In accordance with the majority of professional studios
and instructors of music, I have adopted certain policies
which, for the mutual benefit of student and instructor,
must be reviewed and agreed upon.


Tuition is due in full the first lesson of each month, for
the number of lessons to be given that month.

Rates, for a monthly block of lessons, are based upon $40
per hour; $25 per half hour:

“Four-week” months:
$160 for four one-hour lessons
$100 for four ½ hour lessons

“Five-week” months:
$200 for five one-hour lessons
$125 for five ½ hour lessons

Individual lessons (less than the full monthly block, no-
contract) are available
@ $50 per hour; $30 per ½ hour.

Students may not pro-rate monthly tuition payments for
any reason other than the instructor’s cancellation(s).
Checks which are not written for the full and proper
amount cannot be accepted, and instruction will be
withheld; full tuition for the monthly timeslot, including
payment for any lessons withheld will be expected before
instruction can resume. Lessons withheld due to late
payment will not be made up or credited. In the event you
must miss the first lesson of the month, please send your
payment to my home address for delivery before the
second lesson of the month.

Transition / Set-up time

Please realize that a few minutes between lessons are
necessary for students to pack / unpack. This transitional
time is part of the lesson time. For this reason, I follow
University guidelines: a “university hour” is actually 50
minutes; a ½ hour slot is actually 25 minutes. This is
generally the (unspoken) rule in any music studio – set up
time is, in fact, part of your lesson time. Please try to have
your guitar in tune to standard pitch before we begin to
keep this transition as short as possible.


Please check your e-mail just before you leave for your
lesson. There may be last minute cancellations!

In the event of my cancellation of lessons, the following
month’s tuition will be pro-rated in accordance with the
above fees.

There will be no adjustment of tuition, make-ups, or
credits for lessons missed or canceled by the student.

Lessons will be cancelled if main roads are closed due to
emergency conditions, as announced via local news or
state police advisories. I will send notification via e-mail if
this occurs. If your road is officially closed due to
emergency conditions and have not received my notice of
cancellation, please contact me.

Lessons will be canceled on the following legal and
religious holidays:

New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Day
Valentine’s Day
Easter Week (including Passover, Wednesday –
Mother’s Day
Memorial Day
Father’s Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Election Day
Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Eve
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
New Year’s Eve

Additional holiday cancellations for those of the Jewish

Rosh Hashanah
Yom Kippur

Tuition will be pro-rated for these holidays. Otherwise,
being an independent music studio, our lesson schedule
cannot be planned to correlate to each student’s school or
work schedule.


Time lost due to a student’s lateness cannot be made up.
In paying the monthly tuition, you are renting a specific
and unchanging timeslot. In respecting other student’s
schedules as well as my own, I cannot inconvenience
another student in the event you arrive late, just as I
would not inconvenience you if an earlier student did so.
Please arrive on time!

Family Vacations

As indicated above, lessons will not be held during most
legal and religious holidays. If extended vacation time is
planned beyond these holiday cancellations, your timeslot
may be reserved for an extended (but reasonable) period
free of tuition (normally not to exceed two additional
weeks per year); thereafter, the student would have to risk
forfeit of the timeslot to another interested party, or pay
for reservation of the slot while on extended leave.


I, the undersigned student and/or guardian, will not hold
the instructor or his family liable for any personal injury
incurred on his property.


Announcements of cancellations, student news, events,
and general info from the guitar studio will be transmitted
via e-mail. In order to be placed on the guitar studio e-
mail list, please send your current e-mail address to:


I have read the above policy statement / contract, and
agree to these terms.





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